«Elements» by Per Benjamin


5,900.00 руб.

Артикул: B/P1 Категория:


Вид товара: книги
Издательство: Stichting Kunstboek
Год издания: 2004
ISBN — 10: 90-5856-132-1
Переплет: твердый
Кол-во страниц: 144
Язык: английский
Кол-во фотографий: 115
Размер: 340 x 255
Суперобложка: +
Вес, кг: 1,370

Монографию Per Benjamin’а можно назвать поэзией цветов — настолько тонок и изысканно по форме и цвету выполнены букеты, композиции и объекты, представленные в ней.
Много новых техник, приемов, материалов, особенно интересны необычные крепления.
Все работы, несмотря на их безусловную исключительность, вполне коммерческие, особенно это касается букетов.

Для флористов-дизайнеров, цветочных магазинов, преподавателей.

Swedish master florist Per Benjamin won the Swedish championships in 1997, the Scandinavian championships in the year 2000 and became world champion in floristry in spring 2002. According to Per Benjamin, floral art is all about emotions. Bringing flowers to the people is creating emotions, is showing them that the future has always something good, something beautiful to offer. He considers himself as being really privileged to work with flowers every day. His favourite botanical material is an immense variety of grasses. He likes to work in a minimalist way with one material in several different variations to build an exciting, complex but at the same time clean and simple object. Craftsmanship and ingenuity are two key words in his work. Most of his arrangements are rather discrete. They never try to dominate and even the bigger objects are light and somehow transparent. However, they always manage quite easily to draw one’s attention, in an elegant, charming way. Per Benjamin is without any doubt one of the greatest ‘technicians’ in the world of floristry. The complexity of some of his creations is beautifully shown in numerous close-ups taken by photographer Helén Pe. This great new title really contains amazing pieces of work!

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